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operating_principle_of_single_acting_spring_return_actuatorSizing example of spring return actuator:

Valve torque 60N.m plus 30% safety factor = 78N.m. Minimum operating pressure: 6bar(87psig). The spring return actuator selected is HTS-105-12. The HTS-105-12 has the following output torques:

1. air torque 0°(valve close) = 124N.m > 78N.m
2. air torque 90°(valve open) = 84N.m > 78N.m
3. spring torque 90゜(valve open) = 120N.m > 78N.m
4. spring torque 0°(valve close) = 80N.m > 78N.m

The operating principle of single acting spring return actuator

spring_return_op1 spring_return_op2
Air to port A forces the pistons outwards,
causing the springs to compress. The pinion
turns counter-clockwise while air is being
exhausted through port B.
Loss of air pressure through port A allows the
stored energy in the springs to force the
pistons inwards. The pinion turns clockwise
while air is being exhausted through port A.

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